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Comparison Between City London And New Orleans - 1094 Words

I will compare my city London to New Orleans. I will investigate and compare them to each other which is going to be easy I hope you enjoy me explaining to you their similarities and difference. Landforms: New Orleans, Louisiana has a river named Mississippi Rivers, wet marsh land, Sabine uplifts are Shallow, muddy seas advanced and retreated over the coastal and river plains many times, and gray clay deposited under these seas now forms the aquifers of northern Louisiana. Which are and has no mountains; they also have Coastal wetlands is a river on steep terrain moves rapidly and picks up sediments, but on flat terrain, rivers move slowly and drop sediments. It also has Salt Domes which also London doesn’t have either. In London England has hills named the Cheviot Hills which are located in England and are a range of low mountains forming a border between England and Scotland. They extend 35 miles (56 km) is a north-eastern to south-western direction. The hills are part of the Northumberland National Park. They have Pennines which are located in the north; they are a large chain of limestone hills with moorland tops rising to between 600 and 900 metres. The chain run s from Scotland to halfway down the length of England, splitting northern England into northwest and northeast sectors. The Pennines are sometimes called the backbone of England. Other names for the Pennines are Pennine Chain or Pennine Hills. They have mountains named Cumbrian Mountains. They also have lakesShow MoreRelatedComparing The Two Sport Societies1458 Words   |  6 PagesComparison Of the Two Sport Societies Comparing these two sports societies may have seemed to be a difficult task before reading the descriptions of each. After reading and researching, it is very clear to me that there are specific norms each share, despite the fact that they are for different sports. In each nation, there are similarities in the dedication that each society has towards their given sport. Even though people may not have been dying in arguments over the sport in the American societyRead MoreHurricane Katrina: Levee Failure2081 Words   |  9 PagesProfessor Kathy Freeman Eng 1A M,W 9 April 2012 Blame for Katrina Damage: The Corps Alone? In august 2005, the State of Louisiana was hit with one of the most devastating natural disasters the United States has ever seen. New Orleans specifically was among the cities who felt the full force of Hurricane Katrina. While the storm itself was very powerful the damage wasn’t caused necessarily by the hurricane but by the failure in the levee system. According to Jennifer Trevedi, In the book, EncyclopediaRead MoreThe System Failures From Limited Funding2635 Words   |  11 Pagesin the U.S. history. This disaster was not only due to natural causes, but to the catastrophic levee failure resulting from the storm surge. The public widely reprimanded the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) afterwards since they built the New Orleans Levee System. However, the Corps of Engineers was unable to rebuild the outdated levee system due to lack of federal funding. This paper will focus on how President George. W. Bush and Congress were culpable for not providing enough fund ing forRead MoreOutline Of A Literature Review2109 Words   |  9 Pagesproportion to historical traffic flows, although over the year soil re-suspension is believed to have widened its distribution to give a city-wide distribution. Soil Pb in many cities with a history Pb-gasoline use, show similar distributions with the heavily trafficked inner areas having the highest concentrations and decreasing concentrations towards the outer parts of a city (Laidlaw and Fillippelli 2008). Across England, urban areas typically have higher soil background concentrations of Pb than theRead MoreDiscuss the Proposition That Local Authorities Are Better Placed to Respond to Crises and Disasters Than Central Government5400 Words   |  22 Pagesgovernment have limitations to respond to highly catastrophic disaster situations, They both have unique role to play during disaster situations. As such effective response to highly catastrophic disasters requires better coordination and collaboration between different levels of government. To explore this topic more concretely, the essay will be divided in four sections as follows: Introduction; definition of key terminologies and concepts; the analytical section and the conclusion. Definition of terminologies Read MoreUsing Libr H2o Property And Exergy Analysis For Single Stage Vapour Absorption Refrigeration System2667 Words   |  11 PagesRESEARCH PAPER Engineering Volume - 5 | Issue - 1 | Jan Special Issue - 2015 | ISSN - 2249-555X Study Comparison of LiBr-H2O Property and Exergy Analysis for Single Stage Vapour Absorption Refrigeration System KEYWORDS LiBr-H2O properties, energy and exergy analysis of VAR system. H.A. Patel M. K. Trivedi PhD research scholar, Associate Professor, Mechanical Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering Engineering Department, U. V. Patel College of DepartmentRead MoreThe Contrast Between Mcdonald and Kfc in China6107 Words   |  25 PagesAbstract This report is primarily written for a comparison of the development of different market situations between KFC and McDonalds in China, because of KFC and McDonalds are extremely popular in mainland China, almost everyone knows these particular brands. The development of two food companies are apparently perfect, they really have their own problems, so I write this report in order to analyse and study the two Western-style fast food issues. Then finally try to use some marketing principlesRead MoreSimplifying the Kosovo Conflict through Media Correspondents Essay example6476 Words   |  26 Pageshad erupted between the Albanians and the Serbians as both fought for autonomy of one tiny piece of land: Kosovo. When NATO finally intervened, press coverage began to intensify. NATO entered the war on the side of the Albanians, and as a result press coverage immediately shifted to support this cause. In order to make the conflict easier for the public to understand, the war was simplif ied into a battle for humanity and a fight between good and evil. Analogies were drawn between the KosovarRead MoreStock Market Bubble and Herding3002 Words   |  13 Pagesstabilizing manner, it can lead to gradual increase in stock price (Hirshleifer et al., 1994). This is positive for the stock market, provided that it is not a case of a potential bubble. Herding can also be positive to the economy in the case of good news. For example, after the governments began to help after the recent 2008 credit crisis through quantitative easing, it was the herd mentality, which resulted in a rally in the stock markets. Herding can be advantageous for the economy if it occursRead MoreStatus and Prospects of Science and Mathematics Education in the Philippines4522 Words   |  19 Pagesinquiry is not encouraged, contents are overcrowded, concepts are by rote, and topics are repetitive.† This paper will discuss the present status of Science and Mathematics in our country, plans in further development of educating students, and the comparison of our curriculum to nearby countries. Status and Prospects of Science and Mathematics Education in the Philippines Upgrading the quality of education has been a major concern of high ranking officials of the government and the field personnel’s

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Library Management System - 6342 Words

Valeriano Fugoso Public Library Integrated Library System A Case Study Presented to the Department of Information Computer Studies Faculty of Engineering University of Santo Tomas In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements in Database Management Systems October 2010 Title Page Table of Contents 1. Introduction. 2. About the Company 1. Background and History 2. Organizational Chart 3. Contact Person/s 3. The Current System 1. Detailed Description of the Current System 2. Problem Areas 3. Functional Decomposition 4. Enterprise Data Model 1. Business Rules 2. Preliminary ER Model 3. Enhanced ER Model 4. Entity Cluster†¦show more content†¦2. About the Company 2.1 Background and History The Manila City Library was transformed into a division and has its legal of existence by Ordinance Ni. 2982s, s. 1946. Its transformation to Reference Division was brought about through the issuance of officials orders namely: Administrative Order No. 43 dated September 30, 1965 and Memorandum Circular dated December 28, 1971 which departmentalized the Main Library into two separate service: the Reference Division which is now the Main Manila City Library and the Branch Library Division which handles all the libraries designated in the different districts in Manila. Named after the 13th Mayor of Manila, the Fugoso Library was first inaugurated on January 25, 1994 by virtue of City Council Resolution No. 4 dated January 20, 1994. It officially opened up to the public on the 25th of January, 1994 with the initial inventory of 5,620 books. In 2006, As part of the education component of the Buhayin ang Maynila program of Mayor Atienza and thru the assistance of Congressman Miles Roces, the library underwent major renovation to provide modern and responsive library facilities and services for the residents of the third district of Manila. Today, the library is proud of its comprehensive collections, some of which were acquired from the Manila City Library and the National Library. This is the second library that the cityShow MoreRelatedLibrary Management System1779 Words   |  8 Pages1.1 Manual System 6.1.2 Computerized System Chapter 7 7.1 Significance of the Study 7.2 Conclusion and Justification Chapter 8 8.1 Recommendation 1.1 Introduction The LIBRARY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM is a data processing to perform routine Library activities. This system is concerned with developing a library management system using visual basic. In this system the library management becomes more efficient and easier to handle with its reliable system components. Library system was developedRead MoreQuality Management System For Coventry University Library2593 Words   |  11 PagesThe `Know IT` (Knowledge intergration ) quality management system for coventry university library Introduction Higher education intuitions have always resisted total quality management, quality management systems were perceived as incompatible with the academic culture. However, universities have become market driven, so in order to compete on a global scale and attract international students, they had to establish quality management systems to set themselves apart from the competition. It hasRead MoreLibrary Management System2581 Words   |  11 Pages 2. Present System 03 3. Proposed System 04 4. Feasibility Study 05 5. Requirement Analysis 09 6. Data Flow Diagram 12 7. Entity Relationship Diagram 13 8. Snapshots 15 9. Future Scope 18 10. Conclusion 19 11. Bibliography 20 Library is an important part of the academic sector as well as some professional sectors too like, Advocacy etc. The efficiency of a library lies in the fact how it is arrangedRead MoreLibrary Management System6256 Words   |  26 PagesPROJECT REPORT ON Library Management System ACKNOWLEDGEMENT I take this precious opportunity to express my gratitude toward â€Å"LIBRARY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM† to grant is permission for under going the training project. Without it’s willingness to permit this project would not have been succeed. First of all, I would like to thanks all those people who helped me directly or indirectly to complete my project whenever I found my self in problems. Our all faculties encourages me and dueRead MoreData Management And The Library System1591 Words   |  7 Pages Data management in Libraries Iteration 1 Snowy Osahan Wilmington University Table of Contents Iteration 1: Orientation to Inspiration Space 3 Plan 3 Action 5 Observation 6 Reflection 7 References 9 Iteration 1: Orientation to Inspiration Space The orientation session will be conducted for the interns at Inspiration Space for a period of two days. During this phase, the interns will be introduced to the employees of Inspiration Space and the library that are associatedRead MoreApplication Of The Library Management System1395 Words   |  6 PagesAbstract-The Library management system is the application software that is developed to make a record of Book purchasing, book searching, book issuing and rent, book returned, catalogs, stock creation, all other fine books, popular and bestsellers and other Library related works. The aim of the project is to make the manual handling of Library system into computerized system which includes all above features. The scope of this software application is to generate the automatic process of manual handlingRead MoreLibrary Management System Documentation2900 Words   |  12 PagesSONUBHAU BASWANT COLLEGE OF ARTS, COMMERCE BSc.IT.  µCERTIFICATE µ This is certify that, ‘GROUP’ has completed the report entitled â€Å"LIBRARY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM† As a part of their partial fulfillment for the subject â€Å"presentation communication technique† of Second year B.Sc.IT during academic year 2009 – 2010. Group members are as follows. HEAD OF DEPT. PRINCIPAL PROFESSOR ACKNOWLEDGEME NT The enduring pages of the work are the cumulative sequence of extensive guidance and arduous work. IRead MoreDesign The Library Management System3008 Words   |  13 PagesDavidson design was invited to design the Library Management System, to include an evaluation of the processes towards improving the quality of the management software. The software will reflect all the requirements defined by the customer, documented in the included requirements documents. Further, included is an examination and evaluation of potential software development models for identification of those best suited to develop the software. Finally, an explanation of the testing plan utilizedRead MoreLibrary Management System Focuses On Developing A Database For A Library1616 Words   |  7 Pages Library Management system RAVITEJA JAKKA Wilmington University IST-7000 Data Management Olufemi Osinubi Abstract The project Library Management System focuses on developing a database for a Library. The project is to maintain the student history and the availability of books, magazines and journals and also the name and student id for which the specific book is given. This portal helps the students to know the availability of particular book and location. This project helpsRead MoreProject Report On Library Management System1764 Words   |  8 PagesABSTRACT This is a project report on â€Å"Library Management System†. During the making/developing of this project we explored new ideas and functionality behind the working of and DBMS technique. We have learnt a lot during this project and liked the improvement in our testing skills and deep concept related to these kinds of projects. Our project is â€Å"Library Management System†. Library Management System is a light-weight and easy-to-use library information management software product for Windows. This

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Women’s Discriminations - 988 Words

Women’s Discriminations Although the position of a woman in society today has improved, there is still a great deal of sexual discrimination. Do you agree? Discrimination of a woman in society is still remarkable in spite of the fact that there are organizations against woman discrimination. This issue is common in different countries especially in the United States of America and in Sweden. How could we Identify discrimination of a woman? Is it by nature that a woman is differing than a man? Firstly, we consider discrimination if both sexes, man and woman works at the same job, position and task, but different wages of salary. In the United States of America, women complain their wages gap which is less than a man. Women in all†¦show more content†¦Testosterone influence how the brain develops. It seems that differences in hormone levels create the differences we see between male and female but cultural influence will change some interest like for example in India, they have economical problem, women go to study technical course because they want a job. Unlike in more progressive countries like for example western and Europe, women have freedom to choose. The four psychologies come up with relevant studies. Studies show that women and men were born differently by nature. They explained relatively that makes sense of reliability. It seems to me that sexual discrimination is still a great deal all over the world especially in USA and in Sweden. Even though there are organizations for women’s-human right for example International Alliance of Women (IAW). The basic principle of the IAW is that the full and equal enjoyment of human right is due to all women and girls. I do agree that sex’s discrimination is one of the problems in the society, for the reason of unequal payment between man and woman with the same job and position. In my point of view, not all the situation we can consider sexes discrimination, because I believe that man and woman was born differently as the study of biology was proven that male and female develop in different interest. I can say that man is stronger than woman, and that is true. There is some job that fits only for man. Even though there are women so called strong like a man,Show MoreRelatedWomen s Lack Of Education2462 Words   |  10 Pagesagriculture. The lack of education today among women has made women depend their men for the livelihood. They are not self supportive because of their illiteracy. With the lack of education women are given less importance in society and decision making. They have no identity in all aspect of life and now they find difficult to comprehend along with the fast growing of the trend. As every tribe scattered in different districts, even there are huge population of Ao naga in Dimapur District. Like any otherRead MoreBeyond Blue Is An Australian1300 Words   |  6 Pagespeople, men, women, elderly, pregnant, gay, multicultural, early parenthood, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Beyond blue is funded by Federal and State Governments and managed by a board of directors which are: The Honourable Jeff Kennett AC, Ms Georgie Harman, Mr Tim Marney, Julia Gillard, Professor Brett McDermott, Professor Steven Larkin, Associate Professor Michael Baigent, Professor Michael Kidd AO, Ms Fiona Coote AM, Mr Paul Howes, Ms Johanna Griggs, Dr Mukesh Haikerwal AO and DrRead More The High Cost of Genetic Engineering Essay1207 Words   |  5 Pagesreplicate at a higher rate than others.   Possible targets for genetic engineering would be genetic diseases, such as Huntington (The Benefits of Genetic Engineering) and Parkinson, those proven to be linked to genetic predisposition, such as cancer (Ao, 140), psychological disorders like schizophrenia (Bernste in, 518), and major birth defects (Resta).   There are however drawbacks to these treatments.   Examples include undue suffering to the subjects due to botched engineering of the genes (Wolfson)Read MoreFemale Employment And Gender Discrimination2044 Words   |  9 Pagesreasons of gender discrimination in China? II. Female employment and gender discrimination Today, employment discrimination in society everywhere. From age discrimination, education discrimination, gender discrimination, residence discrimination, physical discrimination, health discrimination, discrimination in marriage and childbearing, to dialect discrimination, blood type discrimination, wages, employment status and even under the career choices of discrimination, discrimination in promotion, etcRead MoreInfluence Of Systems Theory And Whanau Ora Approach On Social Work Practice Essay2587 Words   |  11 Pageswellbeing† (Human Rights and the Treaty of Waitangi, 2015). Whanau Ora has been a key contributor to social work as the approach has facilitated the process of Whanau healing in relation to social work and domestic violence intervention for Maori men and women. Because MÄ ori have been â€Å"separated from their WhÄ nau and have become disparate themselves,† a WhÄ nau healing concept that embraces collectivity and relocates identity is of great significance for social work cases (Durie et al 1997, p.70). The principleRead MoreEssay on Guidance for Centres and Course Tutors11209 Words   |  45 PagesExams Coordinator is responsible for learner registrations, certifications and general administration. Information for tutors takes the form of guidance documentation such as this, circulars, emails and letters to individual tutors from the CIOB AO Education Team. Written notification must be given to the CIOB Education Team prior to the implementation of any changes in structure of the programme(s), staffing at the Centre, changes in timetable, or any planned changes to the structure, learningRead MoreExposing Racism in William Shakespeare’s Othello Essay2036 Words   |  9 Pages The infectious discrimination of Elizabethan racists is derived from fear unnatural a racist’s hate plagues a vulnerable community of black slaves, with religion and war corrupting diverse cultures in the attempts to purify the existence of sin. This enlightening argument of what inspires William Shakespeare’s to compose the play Othello contaminates romantic relationships, Before the integration of black-skinned people into Elizabethan culture, Christian ideology coalesce Satan’s appearance withRead MoreCommunication Disorders7061 Words   |  29 Pagesfable for table) Word substitution belonging to the same semantic class (such as table for chair) Repetition of nonsensical syllables for all communicative attempts (dee, dee, dee) Utterance of mostly nouns and verbs Prevalence †¢ Men and women are equally affected. According to the National Aphasia Association, approximately 80,000 individuals acquire aphasia each year from strokes. About one million people in the United States currently have aphasia. Causes †¢ Aphasia is caused by damageRead MoreSexual Harassment Legal Memo3639 Words   |  15 Pagesabout the human needs of their employees. â€Å"To which they build teamwork, help employees with their problems, and provide psychological support.†[5] COMPANY CELEBRATION and POST VALENTINE’s DAY Incident: In Domingo vs Rayala [6], the court held that AO 250, which is the implementing rules on RA 7877, â€Å"†¦expands the definition of the forms of sexual harassment which are (1) Overt sexual advances; (2) Unwelcome or improper gestures of affection; (3)  Ã‚  Ã‚  Request or demand for sexual favors including butRead MoreSexual Harassment Legal Memo3646 Words   |  15 Pagesabout the human needs of their employees. â€Å"To which they build teamwork, help employees with their problems, and provide psychological support.†[5] COMPANY CELEBRATION and POST VALENTINE’s DAY Incident: In Domingo vs Rayala [6], the court held that AO 250, which is the implementing rules on RA 7877, â€Å"†¦expands the definition of the forms of sexual harassment which are (1) Overt sexual advances; (2) Unwelcome or improper gestures of affection; (3)  Ã‚  Ã‚  Request or demand for sexual favors including but

My Mom the Powerhouse Essay - 717 Words

My Mom the Powerhouse One of the biggest influences in my life is my Mom. She is one of 10 children born to an Appalachian coal miner who could not read or write. Her family lived in the mountains of Kentucky in a little cottage that had no running water and no electricity. She read by kerosene lamp. As a child, she attended a one-room schoolhouse, which also had no electricity and no running water. There was one teacher for eight grades, and each row in the classroom was a grade. My mom says she liked listening to the lessons of the higher grades. There was a big, black potbellied stove in the middle of the room, between the fourth- and fifth-grade rows. My mom couldnt wait to get to the fourth grade so she could†¦show more content†¦When it came time to eat a chicken, he would wring its neck, and it would flop all over the back yard before dying. My mother got attached to one chicken and made it her pet. She named it Miss Red. Miss Red would lay brown eggs, and my mom would collect them. My moms father killed all the other chickens for food, and he tried to avoid killing Miss Red, but she was the last chicken, and the family needed food. He waited until my mom had gone to school, then he wrung the neck of Miss Red. My mom came home from school and discovered that Miss Red was cut up, fried, and sitting in a platter on the supper table. My mom cried and refused to eat Miss Red. Her mother gave her a nickel and tried to comfort her, but to this day, my mom cant eat chicken without remembering Miss Red. As a child, my mom suffered through the death of her mother. After that, she was put in foster homes and was constantly moving from home to home. She was able to get through college all by herself, receiving scholarships and working part-time. She now works as an editor for McGraw-Hill books and takes night classes toward an M.B.A. She says, Education is a lifelong process. I find it amazing that the daughter of a man who could not read or write is now a book editor. One quality my mom possesses that I admire is her ability to persevere and overcome hardship. She has always taught me that my true dwelling place is in my mind, and that I have dominion over myShow MoreRelatedThe Parenting Style Used For Raise A Child1014 Words   |  5 PagesThe parenting style used to raise a child is what will alter them as people and help them grow into successful adults. Chinese moms are a decent representation of how the true world is, but it is not healthy to put a child in school through that amount of pressure. A Chinese mom is similar to a bucking bull in the scheme to motivate children. She takes the reigns and hopes for the best for her children. Amy Chua explains in the article Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior how Chinese mothers have respectableRead MoreAnalysis Of Bonnie Anderson s What You See You Want With Me 711 Words   |  3 PagesJessica Morris Category: Interview Title: Bonnie Anderson: ‘What you see is what you get with me’ Body: Dropping her single, â€Å"Unbroken† on Friday, 19 year old Bonnie Anderson has firmly placed her stake in the Australian music industry. With her powerhouse voice and a stage presence that puts people double her age to shame, the song is a pop infused sure-fire hit for the Sony artist. â€Å"It s definitely†¦ very anthemic.† Anderson shares with PPcorn. â€Å"It s kind of about forgetting what s gone on inRead MoreWest Point Academy And New York1060 Words   |  5 Pages1976, when West Point opened it’s doors to the woman of america. By 1980, sixty-two women graduated at West Point, and the numbers are growing every single year (Point, West). West Point s sports or otherwise known as Team Army has always been a powerhouse in all the sports offered at West Point. West Point offers over 25 different sports, such as rugby, track, football, and wrestling (Point, West). The most popular sport at West Point would be football, baseball, and Track. While being a very smallRead MoreIndependence Can Be Taken In More Than One Way. It Can1626 Words   |  7 Pagesthese definitions are me. I ve spent many years of my life worrying about how others view me. But, I can happily say that where I m at in my life right now, the obsession has diminished. Sometim es my mom mistakes this for a lack of care and indifference, but it has made me who I am today. As far as social interactions go, I do find myself becoming tired when constantly forced to be extroverted. Over the summer I went on a two-week trip with my neighbors to The Gulf of Mexico for fishing and scallopingRead MoreProduct Market Analysis Paper772 Words   |  4 Pagesseen the product at stores such as Dollar Tree or Family Dollar for maybe $1.50 or $2.00; however, you will be glancing around to find the product in general. Personally, we didn’t know anything about their product until a family member was telling my mom and I how effective the product can be while cleaning and also where to find Awesome Cleaning Products. After a great experience with the cleaning product, we’ve told other family members and friends and they’ve started to buy the products. As I mentionedRead MoreA Brief Note On Western Culture And Individualism1107 Words   |  5 Pagesothe r people. Individualism is recognized as personally think that the world revolves around them. You are your own religion because you solely depend on yourself when it comes to life in general. In the book, Hidden Worldviews, it was stated, â€Å"I am my own universe† (Wilkens, 27). History changes people and our thought process but where did it really begin? The religion that you can only depend on oneself instead of the Almighty God that created us? I think this goes back to the fall. Adam and EveRead MoreHigh School : Practical Skills1252 Words   |  6 PagesPrepared?: Practical Skills in High School People are taught many things in school, but according to Dave from Boyinaband, â€Å"I was never taught how to vote. They devoted that time to defining isotopes. I wasn’t taught how to look after my health, but mitochondria are the powerhouse of the cell†(Boyinaband, â€Å"Don’t Stay In School†). This is just one line from the YouTube video hit â€Å"Don’t Stay in School†. With 4,984,295 views people are starting to discussed what their education is preparing them for. Is NCRead MoreAnalysis Of The Movie The Help 1550 Words   |  7 Pages Walt Disney Studio’s 2011 film, â€Å"The Help† is an adaption of Kathryn Stockett’s 2009 novel of the same name. The Help is an American drama film, and stars a powerhouse cast, with the leading roles played by Emma Stone, Viola Davis, Octavia Spencer, Jessica Chastain, and Allison Janney. The film was both written and directed by Kathryn Stockett’s friend Tate Taylor, who w as given the rights to the film before her book was even published. In 1960’s Jackson, Mississippi during the civil rights movementRead MoreRape And The Justice System1692 Words   |  7 Pagesescape the house she was raped in. She stated I’d only been on the phone with my mom for a few seconds when all of the sudden I heard someone behind me, and I realized Beau was chasing me,† Allison said. A few seconds later his hand brushed her back as he grasped at her from behind. â€Å"I was literally screaming into the phone, ‘He raped me!’ right when I felt him grabbing at me. My mom was telling me. ‘Run! Keep Running!’† Allison knew that Donaldson owned severalRead MoreThe World Of The Alps1579 Words   |  7 PagesEtruscans had gained control over much of Italy. By the 4th century, Rome is gaining power, while the Etruscans are steadily losing it. Jumping ahead to around the 12th century, we see that Florence comes into play. Florence is noted as the powerhouse of the Renaissance, since it produced outstanding pieces of Art and Literature. Jumping ahead to present day, Florence is home to the enormous cathedral, commonly referred to as The Duomo. Florence also has The David, which is in the Galleria

StockTrak Free Essays

If we compare our Bear and Bull spreads to short and long stock positions respectively we can actually show how options are highly levered financial instruments, increasing profits, but also losses tremendously. If we had shorted a Cataracts stock our profit from the price decline would have been 6. 50% per share, while with our Bear Spread we made a profit of ten times the cost of building the spread. We will write a custom essay sample on StockTrak or any similar topic only for you Order Now On the other hand, If we had held a Nikkei stock we would have had a loss of 6. 27% per share from the price cline, whereas our loss with the bull spread was 74. 8% if we compare it to the cost of building the spread. This figures show how option trading is cheaper relative to stock trading, but profits or losses are much higher in percentage terms. For our Butterfly, Strangle and Straddle strategies we chose Pfizer, which based on our analysis, presented Itself as a very stable stock, with a 6-months average price of $30. 66 and a current price of $31. 12 (March 13th). We wanted to bet on very low volatility and make a profit from very low fluctuations from Pfizer stock. Our Butterfly parade consisted on shorting two 32-strike calls and taking a long position on 31- strike and 33-strike calls. The center strike price of our butterfly was the exercise price of the Straddle and also lied exactly in the middle of the $31. 5-strike put and $32. 5-strike call for our Strangle. In the end, our Butterfly spread turned out to be for our spread (see Graph 3). 2. ) The article posted referrers to â€Å"covered call writing† as taking a long position on stock and writing a call that is significantly out-of-the money. With his strategy, if the call option is exercised and the investor has to sell his hares, he is covered by holding the underlying. If we compared the covered call strategy to a short naked call we can clearly see that the risk for the naked position is unlimited if the price of the stock increases. With the covered call, by going long on the underlying, we cap our profit but we also limit our loss, whereas with the naked short call we are completely exposed. The analog position using puts, I. E â€Å"covered put writing† would mean writing a put and shorting the underlying. To execute such a strategy is possible, but the risk embedded in it is very high, because the potential asses from a price increase in the stock are unlimited. The premium gained from the put writing might not be large enough to cover the losses from the short position if the price increase is high. 3. ) For our collar strategy we selected Apple stock. To execute such a trade we bought 1,000 shares at $527. 49, went long one thousand 535-strike puts and shorted the same number of 540-strike calls; both option contracts expired on April 25. Our collar was as close to zero as possible, where the put options had a price of $16. 5 and the call options were priced at $17. 25. If the rice of Apple had stayed between the two designated strikes, our profit would have been the value of the stock plus the $0. 75-differential between the option prices. At maturity Apple closed at $571. 94, meaning that the call option was exercised and we lost $41. 94, but we also gained $44. 45 on the price appreciation of the shares, leaving us with a net profit of (44. 45 – 41. 94 + 0. 75) $3. 26 per share. 4. To execute the stop- loss and delta-hedge strategies we wrote 100 at-the-money call option contracts on Backbone and Google. Our initial position to hedge both strategies was long the hares of both companies. For Backbone we used the stop-loss strategy and set arbitrary times to check our positions and hedge it. The initial cash inflow of shorting these options was $35,500 and the cost of hedging this position went up to $174,312. 51. On the other hand, with the Google options we used the delta-hedge strategy and checked the stock price 3 times a day. The initial cash inflow from shorting the calls was $54,000 and the costs related to hedging reached a total of $1 The amount spent for hedging the FEB.. Shares was 5 times larger than he value of the options we sold, while for Google the ratio was 20 to 1 . After seeing these figures we can observe that hedging strategies are extremely costly, but are essential to protect short positions against risk and prevent higher losses. 5. ) To create the â€Å"synthetic† rep we bought Gold at spot price of $1,296 on March 27 and shorted Gold futures expiring in April; the average of the ask and bid prices for this contract was $1 ,302. Executing this transaction, we locked in our prices for a return of 0. 463%. The I-month treasury bills from the U. S. Federal Reserve website is quoted at 0. 0167%, which is essentially 0%. Comparing the return rate from our futures contract with the I-month T-bill rate, there is an arbitrage opportunity. To exploit this opportunity we would borrow money at the T-bill rate of and use it to buy gold at the spot price, in addition to these transactions, we would short Gold futures to make a final profit of 0. 613%. 6. ) current pence of BIBB: $ 290. 54 price of put @ 290: 10. 30 price of call @ 290: 13. 00 Deep in the money calls: price of call 0280: 9. 40 pence of put 0280: 5. 42 Deep in the money puts: price of call @300: 7. 72 pence of put 0300: 16. 8 If we look at at-the-money options and, considering that the risk free rate is essentially zero, the stock price and the present value of the strike price are practically equal, so in order for UT Call Parity to obey, the put and call price should be identical. As we can see in the quoted prices above, parity doesn’t hold; the call price is higher than the put. We could exploit this opportunity by going long on the put and the share, shorting the call and borrowing the present value of K. When it comes to deep in-the-money calls the share price is higher than the present value of K, so the call price should be higher than the put price by the same amount as the price differential between S and IV (K). We can see from the prices above that the call is undervalued in relation to the put. To exploit this arbitrage opportunity we would buy a call, invest IV (K) and short the put and the share. Finally, for deep in-the- money puts, the share price is lower than the present value of K, so the put price should be higher than the call price by the same amount as the price differential between S and IV (K). We can see that the put is undervalued in relation to the call. To exploit this arbitrage opportunity we would buy the put and the share, borrow IV (K) and short the call. 7. When looking at the overall performance of our portfolio and its relative risk we can conclude that it was much riskier relative to the S and also had a lower return. If we look at the summary figures of our portfolio we can see that it had an overall return of 0. 63%, whereas the SPY IETF had a percentage return of 1 . 19% (see Graph 4). We believe that the reason for the lower return and higher risk of our portfolio comes from several trades involving silver and platinum futures entrants that we p erformed to experiment with the platform and observe how these contracts behaved. In general we think that such a project is a very useful and enjoyable way to get to know the trading world. Performing actual trades allowed us to â€Å"get our hands dirty’ and truly understand how to build spreads and implement investment strategies. This project gave us the opportunity to go beyond the theory and realize that trading can sometimes be more complicated that it seems on paper, but can also become much clearer once the theory is implemented in a â€Å"real world† setting. We very much enjoyed working on this project. How to cite StockTrak, Papers

Comparison of Website Functionalities

Question: Discuss about the Comparison of Website Functionalities. Answer: Introduction: At present, the use of the internet technology has changed the way of conducting the business operations of the organizations. Maximum of the people of the present world are dependent on the internet for the hotel booking purpose. The online hotel booking services are helping a lot to select and book the hotels efficiently. In this project the websites of the hotel booking sites will be analyzed and compared. The business segment selected for the report is the hotel sector. The hotel booking websites will be compared and analyzed regarding their efficiencies. The websites are using for promoting the hotel business as well as conduction the business operations like booking, payment etc. Three hotel booking websites have been selected for analyzing the functionalities of the websites of those hotels. Comparisons: Some parameters have been set for the comparison among the three websites chosen for this particular project. The analyses of the comparison based on the parameters are given in the section below: Information Content: The availability and reliability of the information in the websites are the main factors of attracting the customers towards the services of the hotels. The users of the websites are using the websites for fetching the relevant information regarding the hotels around the world. The three hotel booking websites are good enough form the perspectives of the information contents of the sites. All the sites have the details about the locations of the hotels, price, discounts and other facilities available in the hotels. has the main focus in the area of the cost of the rents of the hotels. However, all the other relevant information regarding the hotels is also available in this site. The main demand of the customers is the value for money while finding a hotel. These sites are able to provide the facilities of values provided by the hotels against the money spent by the customers. No irrelevant information is given in the websites. All the three sites have photos of the hot els, rooms, interior, exterior designs and other facilities available in the hotels. Regarding the relevancy of the information about the hotels, the customers should get the latest updates in the websites regarding the hotels. In this area also, all the three websites are very efficient. There is no delay in the updates regarding any types of new modifications or changes in the hotels showed in the websites. shows a result of the price of a hotel in different booking partners. The users are able to select the most affordable one. User empowerment: The main aim of the hotel booking websites is too attract and engage the customers at their site. In order to do that, they are offering very attractive web design and lots of attractive photos in the websites. The cheapoair and has the main focus in the area of the best price hotels for the customers. They are trying to provide the results of hotel search at the best price. The users are also able to sort their results as per their own choices. Besides these, the sites are also providing some discount offers and customer loyalty offers for the valuable customers. While talking about the discount offers, the is the best one to attract the customers through the discount at their website. Visual Appearances: The first thing to attract the visitors towards a website is the visual appearances of the web site. It is about the attractive designs, images used at the pages of the site and the other visual effects of the sites. The three websites chosen for this research study have been compared with respect to the visual appearances. The visual appearances of all the three sites are very attractive, but the homepage of is very attractive with beautiful photos at the background of the pages. The background images are set with the locations searched by the users. The images are changes at the time of entering the location in which the users are trying to find the hotels. The option of selecting the desired country by the users is also very attractive in the website. Figure 1: country selection in Navigation: While considering the navigation facilities of the three websites, the name of the will be the first one. This is the only one website, which can tract the location of the users. The users can just click on the location sign at beside the search panel of the website for finding the hotels near the current location of the user. Figure 2: Location tracing service in Enjoyment: All the three websites had been using excellent multimedia images for making their website look good. The use of high quality of images had helped in making the appearance of these websites more attractive and usable. The websites are easy to be explored and there are various options that had made it accessible for the users to access them. The tabs had been used for making the accessing of various options of the websites comfortable for the users. The websites had been formed with simple and attractive appearances with highlighted sections for best offers and deals. Privacy: The accessing of information does not require payment of any amount of money in the websites. Only some information like date, destination, departing airport, number of passengers should have to be provided for faster searching of the required flights available from the location on the day. Similarly the location of the hotel, check in and checkout day and number of persons should be entered at the hotel websites. However for booking any hotel or flight tickets from or Trivago and cheapoair, it is required for paying online using payment options like credit card or debit card. The websites have privacy policy that entrusts the customers and website users that their information and data provided would not be used for any illegal purpose and only for the mentioned booking purpose. The website had a disclaimer tick in option in which the user would declare that he/she had provided the information to the website and they had not forged information from anywhere. Design of the booking system: Now lets discuss about the main fact of the website. The business segment selected in this research project is the hotel booking through the online platform. The booking system of the three sites are good enough, but as per the user ratings and reviews, the is the most popular one among the three. In the second position, there is and is in the third position in booking hotels across the whole world. The In this context, the efficiency of the booking portal of the websites is the most important factor of the sites. The designs of the booking systems of the three selected websites are given in the screenshots given in the section below. Figure 3: Booking system in Figure 4: Booking system in Figure 5: Booking system in Technical support: While discussing about the technical support, the first important point is the system log in response time. In this context, all the three websites are efficient enough. The response time for the system log in of the users can not be differentiated from each other of the three sites. All the sites are able to respond to the users very quickly. Support in different types of web browsers is the second important fact regarding the technical support of the websites. The websites are efficiently performing in the web browsers Internet explorer, Google chrome, Mozila Firefox and Opera. The websites are responsive websites i.e., they are able to be handled efficiently through the use of mobile devices. Another important aspect of the websites technical support is the availability of the websites with respect to the time and place. All the three websites are accessible from anywhere across the whole world at any time. The web servers are always available for the users. Organization of the web content: The organizations of the web content of the websites are good of the websites. The details about the background of the web site companies are available in the about us section of the websites. All the three websites have separate pages for separate sections. Recommendations: After analysing the different factors of the three hotel booking websites, it has been found that the visual appearance and relevant information should be present in the website for engaging the target customers. The name of the website is also a big factor for the website for hotel booking. In this project, is mainly a website for booking flights. However, the hotel booking is one of the main business lines of the website. It is recommended for the company to develop a separate website for hotel booking system. Information updates in the websites is also very important for the hotel booking sites. The hotels are getting modified and the rates of the hotels also may different over the seasons or occasions. These updates should be always available in a hotel booking website. Another major recommendation for the entire hotel booking site is the responsive design of the websites. At present maximum of the internet users use mobile devices for surfing the internet and visit the websites. Therefore, all the hotel booking websites should be supported by the mobile device web browsers. An ideal hotel booking website has all the details about the background of the company, background details of the hotels, photos of the hotels, photos of the interior designs, photos of the exterior designs and the pricing details of the hotels. In case of different types of facilities available in a single hotel, the details regarding the breakups of different services should also be given in the website. Conclusion: As per the analysis of the project, it has been found that the most popular hotel booking website is the It has been found that availability of the relevant information, technical facilities, designs of the web pages, designs of the booking portal all are the important factors of a hotel booking website. All the important factors of the websites chosen for the project have been analyzed in this project report and some recommendations are given for the hotel booking sites. The recommendations have been given for attracting and engaging the customers to the services pf the websites with superior level of customer oriented services. Bibliography: About | trivago. (2017).trivago US. Retrieved 8 March 2017, from About, CheapOair The Only Way To Go!. (2017) Retrieved 8 March 2017, from Cebi, S. (2013). Determining importance degrees of website design parameters based on interactions and types of websites.Decision Support Systems,54(2), 1030-1043. India. (2017) Retrieved 8 March 2017, from Ladhari, R., Michaud, M. (2015). eWOM effects on hotel booking intentions, attitudes, trust, and website perceptions.International Journal of Hospitality Management,46, 36-45. Rodrguez-Molina, M. A., Fras-Jamilena, D. M., Castaeda-Garca, J. A. (2015). The contribution of website design to the generation of tourist destination image: The moderating effect of involvement.Tourism Management,47, 303-317. Wang, L., Law, R., Guillet, B. D., Hung, K., Fong, D. K. C. (2015). Impact of hotel website quality on online booking intentions: eTrust as a mediator.International Journal of Hospitality Management,47, 108-115.

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My visit to Kyoto the old capital of Japan Essays -

Muflah Al Qahtan: Professor: Camil Alexander English 1301 My visit to Kyoto the old capital of Japan Introduction Tourism and Traveling in General are deemed as good experiences that people seem to seek. As a person interested in Travelling that combines good scenery with history, there weren`t many destinations in mind however, my decision in the end was to visit Kyoto in Japan. Out of the various cities in Japan, Kyoto is known for its captivating scenery, historical temples, amazing illuminations and lively festivals. The old capital of japan captivates visitors by its deep history that goes back to over 1200 years when it was first established under the name of Heinan-kyo, Heinan-kyo was a political center where the Emperor, Nobles, officers and Soldiers worked. It was A natural medley of willows and cherry blossoms weave themselves into brocade, the Heian-kyo" as described in a poetic verse that describes the city at that time. While Kyoto is no longer the Capital, the architecture and the history left within the city keeps it a famous tourism destination and captivates the attention of a lot of people in the world. My visit to the amazing Temples within Kyoto During my visit to Kyoto, the ancient architecture of the temples was amazing to see, the Golden pavilion being the most captivating building of all. You get to see a gold, glided temple built near a pond surrounded by a garden full of trees. In the garden, you can see a small rainbow forming from the mini-waterfall as water streamed down to hit a bunch of slightly dangerous looking rocks. Outside the Garden and just before the exit you get to enjoy tea in a traditional Japanese area sitting on the ground surrounded by nature. Beside the amazing architecture used in the Golden Pavilion, a similarly build temple exists within the city, being modeled after the Golden Pavilion the temple got the name of The Silver Pavilion, outside the building of the Silver Pavilion a lovely garden exists where leaves fall on a slope of mossy grass and the wind creates a refreshing breeze the tickles the skin and refreshes the mind. The Silver Pavilion differs from its presider the golden Pavilion in that it`s build upon a slope and beside the mossy garden a sand garden exists where pure white sand can be seen decorating the place. Another amazing place within my trip was the pure Water Temple, the illuminations of the temple being a magnificent sight for the eyes to see. You feel dazed as you see the light dancing and illuminating on the kouyou leaves surrounding the temple, creating an astonishing harmony of colors. The trees surrounding the temple illuminating with light create a very good atmosphere for taking pictures and the sloped streets of the Higashiama district just outside the temple give off a traditional vibe, with tons of wooden shops and building to buy souvenirs and local food, a bunch of which were really delicious including Ramen, steamed buns, cotton candy and Takoyaki. The Inari shrine The Inari shrine was another important place within the Trip located on the top of a mountain, with its huge gate and innovative design the shrine is a well-known tourist destination, on the way to the shrine you get to see the Tori`s which are gates built by the people with the beliefs that a gate built in that shrine will bring prosperity to the owner`s business. Walking inside all the Gates seemed surreal and the view from halfway across the hike looked more than incredible, while the trip up does mesmerize you and you get to enjoy yourself, after a day full of walking, the trip down might be more painful than enjoyable. Gardens and Natural scenery The final and the most important place within the trip was the Arashiyama which is located in the western outskirts of Kyoto, the Arashiyamas scenery are splendid with the garden in tenryu-ji temple being the most beautiful thing you could ever see truly befitting the description given to it by The UNESCO as The most beautiful garden in the world. The Bamboo Grooves within the garden were idyllic and the magical feeling you get while walking along a path surrounded by neatly organized Bamboo sticks